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Watch Ernest Langdon: Tips & Training for Weapon-Mounted Lights

Ernest Langdon from Langdon Tactical Technology has a great video about tips and training for weapon mounted white lights on long guns.

Where you put it and how you activate it makes a big difference.

About Langdon Tactical Technology:

The Why

As more Americans choose to become responsible for their own safety and protection, the U.S. has experienced a massive expansion in the concealed-carry firearms market. The massive market offers many options, but also requires more decisions be made by consumers who may or may not have any relatable experience.  However, the options that are meant to make life easier may actually be decreasing confidence. 

Langdon Tactical Technology (LTT) was founded to create confidence under duress through knowledge, skill development, and proper equipment selection.  Contrasting flashy industry trends, LTT instead focuses on creating safe performance, responsible carry, and the confidence that comes from quality training and an understanding of chosen equipment. 

When it comes to modifying a defensive tool it is LTT’s goal to increase performance while retaining safety features guarding against life-altering events, such as an inadvertent shot resulting in self-injury or the injury of an innocent.  Where others may choose to compromise safety features in an effort to maximize performance, LTT finds this to be dangerous and counter productive. LTT increases performance by increasing control of the firearm, not subtracting it.

The Who

More than 30 years of experience training military, law enforcement, and civilians has gone into the designs at Langdon Tactical Technology.  Attention to detail and dedication to building truly superior products are part of why Langdon Tactical Technology designs pistols in partnership with Beretta and Springfield Armory.  The needs of, and lessons learned from competition, self defense, and duty are each unique and taken into consideration before a development earns the LTT title.  

Train Hard. Stay Safe. 

Confidentia V.C. is latin for Confidence Under Duress. 

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