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Retro Swiss Army Handgun Delivers: The Sig P210 Has Arrived

We first brought word a few weeks ago from the National Rifle Associations annual show that Sig Sauer was releasing a new New Hampshire build P-210 pistol. As luck would have it one day shortly after that article published I was browsing Gunbroker.Com and came across a vendor who I want to take a second to mention. The Modern Sportsman ( had a few in stock and after an email and a bid confirmation he had our Sig P-210 in the mail. This might not be a big deal to many but here in Alaska sometimes it’s hard to get things here, it’s even harder when those guns or items haven’t been out a long time. Without the team there we wouldn’t have the Sig P-210 that I’m so excited to finally have in my hands and review.

Initial Impressions

This isn’t the full review of the pistol but just a quick once over while it sits on the desk in front of me till I can get some range time in a few days. There are several things that jump out at me while I was doing the once over while my FFL Arctic Arms was calling the BATFE to let me take home my new treasure. Lets take those on quickly.


This full size pistol is made of stainless steel so I expected some weight to it, just under 37 oz to be precise. It’s a full size gun with full size weight, but the balance point on it feels like most of the weight is in the palm of your hand. In short terms it has some girth but not too much, think 1911 feel and it’s about right


The finish is what I expected a very nice Sig Sauer applied Nitron finish, it may seen plain but it gets the job done with minimal effort of useless flash and dash.

Not much else to say 3lbs 7.9 Oz is the lightest trigger I own


I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. I racked the pistol and ran the gauge on it 10 times with an average spread of 3 lb  7.9 to around 3 lbs 11 oz. Thats a really like trigger than is phenomenal to pull. I have a Browning Hi Power that has a 4.5lb trigger in it and I thought that was nice. The Sig P-210 has hands down the softest trigger I’ve felt. I can’t wait for range time this weekend.


Non luminescent plain old white three dot sights adorn the new Sig P-210, simple and functional. They are exactly what I expected from a entry level “Standard” target pistol. They do their job well and Im pretty sure that they will let me place 115 grain 9mm bullets wherever they line up.

What’s Next ?

Now that I have one of my “Holy Grail” guns I can’t just sit back and let it rest and collect dust. Firearms are meant to be owned and enjoyed and that means shooting them. I have 1000 rounds of various ammunition that was scheduled for a previous pistol review that will now be used on our Sig P-210. A full length write up is coming complete with shooters logs showing the weights and brands of ammunition used.

Nice look at the sights and slide. Some packaging material and oil still left on the gun. I didn’t have a chance to wipe it down yet. Photo:Rick Dembroski

Closing Thoughts 

The Sig P-210 has been made in one form or another since 1949 as the Model 49 or M-49, and has a sterling reputation for accuracy and reliability. This latest version features what we consider a standard North American style magazine release along with a few other upgrades but in no way diminishes the reputation or history of the P-210. This pistol continues the legacy started more than 70 years ago but does so in it’s own way. The new P-210A is built in New Hampshire continues Sig Sauer’s expansion of domestically built firearms.  This 21st century P-210 uses stainless steel instead of the traditional carbon steel of years past and combines that new look and material with what feels like a lovely set of walnut grips.

Is the Sig Sauer P-210 the perfect gun for everyone ? No not at all, but it wasn’t intended to be a $400 polymer pistol for the masses. It was made to be used and appreciated by firearms enthusiasts that want quality and class and are willing to pay for it. I look at the P-210 as a throwback weapon like the Model 1911 or the Browning Hi Power. Not guns that are consistent with today’s conceal carry desires and needs but ones that have a special heart in collectors and shooters.

Check back in a few weeks after we have had a chance to pass this gun around to several shooters of different backgrounds and shooting levels and get their impressions along with my own.. Until then get out to your local range and enjoy the springtime weather .


About the Author /

Rick Dembroski spent 10 of the best years of his life as a USAF Civil Engineer, traveling the globe, drinking beer, and causing chaos. His superiors dubbed him "King of Useless Knowledge" a title that he still loves to this day. After his military career he chose to stay in the frozen north of Alaska and currently works as an Emergency Management Specialist combining his love of chaos with preparedness to ensure people know how to survive disasters.

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