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Manufacturers of Enviroclean FA seeking national distributors

Milwaukee, WI (April 4. 2019)Ogre Manufacturing, L.L.C., today announced that it is seeking regional and national distributors for its groundbreaking gun cleaning product, Enviroclean FA. Until now, this environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaning fluid has only been available direct from the manufacturer. However, the company’s owners are ready to expand its horizons.

Speaking as he prepared to leave for the NRA’s 2019 Annual Convention in Indianapolis, IN, John Thompson, Technical Manager, and one of the founders of Ogre Manufacturing, said, “We have followed a very conservative growth plan for our company but are now at a point where we want to make our product available on a much wider basis.”

Enviroclean FA will be on display and the company management will be available for initial distributorship discussions in the exhibition hall at the NRA Convention from April 26 to April 28, 2019.  The product has been available and thoroughly tested since 2002.  Enviroclean FA is certified biodegradable, and not harmful to fine firearms or the environment.  Enviroclean removes copper, lead, plastic and powder fouling without harsh chemicals or ammonia, and is suitable for all types of pistols, rifles and shotguns.

Aggressive pricing and superior margins are available for national and regional distribution agreements. Lynn Thompson, president of Ogre Manufacturing and head of sales for the company, will discuss distribution and resale agreements before, during and after the NRA convention.

Ogre Manufacturing LLC., is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer and supplier of products for the shooter and fisherman or woman.  Founded in 2002, Enviroclean FA is protected by US Patent law and other patents are applied for. In addition to Enviroclean FA, Ogre Mfg has expanded its product lines to include ™ Here Fishy Fishy!! fish attractant, Ogre HP Gun Oil, a synthetic high performance gun oil, Ogre Boot OIL and Dry as a Duck, water repellents for leather and fabrics.  Further information is available at .  Please visit us at Booth Number 5966.

For Further information contact John Thomson, 414-881-2953

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