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Ready Up Gear: Comfort at the Range

by John P. DeBeasso Jr.

At the gun range there are two very important pieces of equipment besides your guns and ammo. Ear and eye protection, it goes without saying they go hand in hand. Without either one you should not be on the range. My Howard Leight ear muffs have been very comfortable, no problems whatsoever. Now there is always a claim that a product on the market can made a drastic improvement in a piece of equipment. Some are very good and then some have no merit.

The Ready Up Gear Soft Seal Gel Ear Pads actually live up to their claim of being extremely comfortable over the standard ear pads that come on the Howard Leight ear muffs. The new ear pads are very easy to install, just pop out the old and the new ones snap right in place. Takes all of about 5 minutes. The Ready Up Gear ear muff replacement pads come with a one year warranty and are available for Howard Leight, Roger 22, 3M Peltor and Walkers ear muffs. On the Howard Leight ear muffs here are the compatible models. Impact Sport Bolt, Impact Sport, Impact Pro, SYNC and Leightning Series.

Here is a description from the Ready Up Gear website on the ear muff replacement pads.

The SoftSeal Gel Ear Pads are constructed of premium acoustic memory foam and are silicone gel-filled. This ensures a tight seal against your head to maximize the effectiveness of your earmuffs in reducing dangerous noise.

The ear pads are then wrapped in a super-thin polyurethane outer skin. This outer skin ensures a comfortable, durable, anti-sweat, easy to clean product. In addition, the shape of the cups includes a double ridge design which ensures a tight seal and greater comfort.

Average stock foam ear pads are difficult to clean and as such can quickly become the home of growing bacteria which can lead to skin allergies, cross-infection, etc. The polyurethane skin on the SoftSeal Pads makes it easy and fast to wipe down and clean. Do NOT submerge in water but wipe down with any damp cloth or with a rag and soapy water.

I used my Howard Leight ear muffs with the stock ear pads and then changed out to the new Ready Up Gear Soft Seal Gel Ear Pads and I could immediately tell a difference. They formed better to my ears, formed a tighter seal it seemed and I also had a noticeable reduction in noise. Please check out a set of the new ear pads for a more comfortable and noise reducing experience. All in all it is a very good product and in my T&E the new ear pads lived up to the claim. Check out the ear pads as well as all of the great products from Ready Up Gear.

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