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Practical Tools from Ready Up Gear: Cleaning Kits and the Rechargeable CR123 Batteries

by John P. DeBeasso Jr.

Here is a neat little product that is a must for everyone that enjoys the shooting sports and likes to go to the range. Everyone loves to shoot their firearms but a much needed chore afterwards is the cleaning process. Not exactly something that everyone enjoys but is a necessity to a safe functioning firearm.

This nifty handgun kit is compact enough to take to the range and will fit very well in your range bag. It is roughly the size of a 50 round box of 45ACP. If you prefer to clean your handgun after firing a few rounds before shooting again or just prefer to clean before you return home this kit is ideal.

This handgun cleaning kit from Ready Up Gear is a compact go anywhere kit and contains just about everything you will need to clean most handguns, just add your preferred solvent and gun oil and you are ready to go. The brushes and jags included are for 22, 9MM, 38, 357, 40 and 45. Also included in the kit is a nylon brush, a stainless steel pick, 10.5″ 2 piece brass cleaning rod and handle as well as slotted tips. It also comes with 100 gun cleaning patches and is packed in a very nice hard protective case.

Here is what the handgun cleaning kit includes:

1 zippered hard accessory case

1 Handle and 2 piece 10.5” brass cleaning rod assembly

1 large brass slotted tip

1 small brass slotted tip

1 nylon brush

1 stainless steel pick

100 cleaning patches

1 22 caliber bore brush and jag

1 9MM, 38 and 357 caliber bore brush and jag (only 1)

1 40 S&W bore brush and jag

1 45 caliber bore brush and jag

Another really nice product from the Ready Up Gear is the USB Rechargeable 16340 batteries which will replace the traditional and expensive CR123A batteries. Upon receiving the batteries you will need to fully charge them. If using the USB port the battery indicator light will be red changing to green when fully charged. They can also be charged on a traditional battery charger. The batteries have an overcharge, discharge, overheating and short circuit built in also. The batteries also put out 3.7 V which makes your light as efficient as it can be.

With a capacity of 650mAH these batteries will last a very long time, of course that depends on the item the battery is being used in. They will run 800-1000 charge cycles if properly maintained.

I am using them in a Triad ASP light and I have noticed a big difference in light output using the Ready Up Gear rechargeable batteries compared to a new CR123 battery. Overall these batteries perform like they are supposed to. Please check them out on the Ready Up Gear website along with all the other products.

About John P. DeBeasso Jr.

John has lived in Virginia Beach, VA. since July of 1954 and attended elementary, Junior High and High school here. He put in 35 years with a local Government Agency, retired and went to work for Armscor Global Defense/Armscor/Rock Island Armory a firearms and ammunition manufacturer and also THE largest manufacturer of 1911 firearms in the world! He is the Manager of the RIA Dealer Stocking Rebate Program, RIA Range Program and Military Commemorative Firearms program.

Besides the time John loves spending with his wife, sons, grandchildren, great grandchildren and 3 dogs, he also enjoys the shooting sports, hunting and fishing.

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