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Perfect Training Tool for Concealed Carry: SIRT Laser Pocket Pistol

The SIRT Pocket Pistol simulates subcompact pistols and comes with all the things you know and love from previous models of the SIRT. The Pocket Pistol comes with a fully adjustable trigger module and two lasers.

There are two types of Pocket Pistols available, the performer (polymer slide) and the pro model (metal slide). Unlike previous SIRTs, the magazine of the Pocket Pistol is not removable but you can pick different base plates to simulate the feel of the specific model of your real pocket gun.

SIRT is an acronym for Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger. As the name suggests, the trigger of the SIRT emulates the trigger pull of the Glock after which it is modeled, but after the the pull has been completed, the trigger “resets” as though a round was cycled.

A feature of the SIRT that makes it more interesting for dry fire training is its shot indicating laser. During the trigger pull, a red laser will light up to indicate that the trigger is “prepped.” A second green laser emits when the trigger pull is completed.

This secondary beam indicates where the shot would have been placed, were it a live fire drill. The laser positioning is adjustable, and the SIRT also features a switch to engage or disengage the red trigger prep indicating laser.

The SIRT family of trainers. The Pocket pistol is in the center.

The Next Level Training Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Training Pistol is an essential training and teaching tool. You cannot understand the full impact of this device on your life until you get one. Don’t wait. The basic model is $239. It doesn’t take much ammo savings to pay for one. There are a number of models for different needs.

You can get your very own SIRT HERE.

Use Discount Code “GreenBeret” (not case sensitive) and get 10% off your new SIRT

However, those who aren’t deterred by the price tag will find the SIRT a useful training tool to augment live fire training exercises. The resetting trigger allows the user to “fire” the gun without having to action the slide and the shot indicating lasers provide immediate feedback for shot accuracy.

There are some great training videos at Next Level Training.

Photos courtesy of Next Level Training

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