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Operation: COVID-19 Gucci Glock

We’ve all seen the trend of modifying Glock pistols to add serrations, optics mounts or other modifications, some of which are functional and some are purely cosmetic. Well this last year has been slow for me so I decided to take a pistol I shoot relatively well but hated the feel of and get some work done to it. So we started Operation: COVID-19 Gucci Glock to pass the time and create myself a masterpiece that felt good in the hand and shot well.

We broke down our project description into three areas: Frame, Slide and Trigger. We will explain what companies we used for the modifications and why chose them. We will also go into details about what we like or dislike about or Generation 4 Glock 19 before and after the surgery was performed on the various components. The first area we will talk about is the frame and it’s modifications. Note the new profile of the pistol in the image below.

Finished product: Frame LWS, Slide DP Custom Works, Trigger Apex Tactical
Photo:Rick Dembroski


If I had to be totally honest I hated the finger grooved front strap of the Generation 4 Glock 19 and that was the major factor about me starting this project. Interestingly enough it was the final part of the project to be completed. The Featured Image above is exactly what I was hoping for when I began this project. The Recon frame package is the result of James Landers of Landers Weapon System efforts the last few years and I will say his attention to detail is amazing. I am doing an entire article just on LWS and their frame work in the near future.

The problem with many frame jobs is often times people will just use sandpaper, a dremel tool and a soldering iron and the patterns will sometimes work out nicely other times they just feel odd and uncomfortable in the hand. When Landers Weapon Systems does their frame jobs they use a combination of a milling machines, lasers and soldering irons combined with tons of sweat and manual sanding and checking of the material and process. This results in a product that is visually appealing whose fit and function is flat out amazing.

Removal of the finger humps and the addition of reworking the back strap makes this Glock 19 feel like a completely different pistol. The addition of texturing indexing points on the side of the frame which happen to match the newly lazered side panel makes this work feel like a factory add on rather than an aftermarket modification. That’s no slander towards LWS, it’s just in my mind if you modify something and it feel natural then you’ve done your job very well.

Clean and grippy, LWS does amazing work for Glocks
Photo:Rick Dembroski


When it comes to the slide there was nothing inherently bad about the Glock 19 slide, it was just boring and I wanted to do something to spice it up some. I didn’t want optics cuts on this pistol so I decided to send the slide to a company that has done great work for me in the past DP Custom Works a North Carolina based pistol modifier. They offer a variety of package for many popular pistols at reasonable prices. DP Custom Works also offers Veteran, LEO and First Responder discounts.

I chose the Glock GAB 3.0 package which set me back $234 when it was all said and done. The GAB 3.0 offered me lightening cuts on the sides of the slide and a row of aggressive serrations along the length of the top, just in case I channel my inner John Wick and try to do some crazy ass ninja shooting in a room full of assassins and thugs.

a little DP Custom Works creativity on the slide
Photo:Rick Dembroski

The sides as you can see from the photos are nicely done with a minor amount of windows milled in. When it came to the top I chose not to remove any large areas of the slide or add a ported barrel. I was trying to strike a blent between looks and practicality. In the end I was very happy with how it turned out with a pretty aggressive rake to the top but not completely cheese graterish. After all the milling work on the slide DP Custom Works did recoat the slide with a fresh pass of Cerakote, which we think looks great. The new additions to the slide would help in the bizarre chance that I need to cycle the pistol manually by racking it off a hard surface.

While working on the slide design we were fortunate enough to have one of our marketing contacts reach out to use and offer up a set of Ameriglo UC Tritium sights for our Gucci Glock. This quality upgrade was just the icing on the cake that our slide remodel needed. They installed with no fan fare or issues and the improvement was quickly noticeable.

The outlined front sight seems to just pop when I bring the pistol up to point at a target. The large oval on the front sight marries up perfectly with the U cut plain rear sight. Ameriglo markets these sights as perfect for quick acquisition of targets at less than ideal lighting conditions. After practicing with these for a few weeks I can say that I at least notice the improvement over the stock Glock sights.

Ameriglo tritium sight sets are an affordable upgrade to any Glock
Photo:Rick Dembroski


Let’s be honest with ourselves here, do you know anyone running a stock Glock trigger in their pistols ? I don’t know many people other than LEO’s who are running 100% stock Glocks. I loved the reliability of my Glock 19 but the trigger was just “Blah” to use a word. Thankfully with the help of another marketer we were presented with an upgrade option for our project pistol.

Enter the Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the Generation 4 Glock 19. Thanks to the generosity of our friends we were able to source a new complete drop in trigger and upgrade the part of the gun that frustrated me the most. The new trigger, plunger, spring and and connected provided us the following improvements.

  • Reduced trigger pull by just over 1 lb
  • Reduced trigger pre travel, overall travel and reset distance
  • Smoother uptake and reset
  • Complete drop in set up
  • Retains original trigger spacing and factory safety values
Apex Tactical Upgrade
Photo: Rick Dembroski


Due to our COVID-19 boredom we decided to finish a few project that were on the back burner and the Gucci Glock was the first of them. I know that some people may frown on our work on our Glock 19 and that’s ok. At the end of the day a firearm has to feel good in the hands of the shooter and the shooter should actually like his firearm.

We put a fair amount of our own money into this project and in my opinion it was money well spent. I think we really got it right with this Glock 19 modification project. We added better ergonomics, better sights and a much better trigger to an ultra reliable pistol.

I would like to take a moment and thank all the companies who helped with this project and break it down with links to their sites.

Frame Work: Landers Weapons Systems

Slide Work / Cerakote: DP Custom Works

Trigger: Apex Tactical

Sights: Ameriglo

Little detail make a big difference
Photo:Rick Dembroski
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Rick Dembroski spent 10 of the best years of his life as a USAF Civil Engineer, traveling the globe, drinking beer, and causing chaos. His superiors dubbed him "King of Useless Knowledge" a title that he still loves to this day. After his military career he chose to stay in the frozen north of Alaska and currently works as an Emergency Management Specialist combining his love of chaos with preparedness to ensure people know how to survive disasters.

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