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New Ruger Charger Released

The Ruger Charger is based on the iconic Ruger 10/22 and has been out for a few years now. When it comes to the Charger as a design fans of pistol braces such as SB Tactical’s FS1913 pistol brace have been begging for Ruger to make the Charger with a picatinny style rail on the back of the pistol. Well shooters of the world, Ruger listened and released not just one model of Charger pistol with the rail on the back but TWO versions. The Model 4935 is the Take Down Version and the Model 4938 is the ” Standard” version.

Ruger Model 4938 Charger with rear located picatinny rail makes mounting braces like the SB Tactical FS1913 a dream (Photo:Ruger.Com)


Manufacturer: Sturm Ruger

Country of Manufacture: United States (New Hampshire)

Caliber: .22 LR


  • 4938 Charger Standard
  • 4935 Charger Lite (Take Down)

Colors Available: Black Only (January 2020)

Barrel Length: 10″

Overall Length: 19″

Capacity: 10 rounds +


  • Model 4938: 57 Ounces
  • Model 4935: 52 Ounces

Photo: Ruger.Com

Prices and Thoughts

The Charger Lite (Take Down Version) has a MSRP of $598.00 while the non takedown Charger (Model 4938) will hit you back for about $349.00. When you take into consideration the cost of the pistol and the roughly $200.00 for the SB Tactical FS1913 adapter you are into this little range toy for between $600.00-$800.00 depending on a few variables.

Either variety of this pistol comes with a long list of features that are sure to make lots of users happy. When we stopped to consider them all here is the short list we came up with

  • 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel makes this beg for a suppressor
  • Millions of high capacity 10/22 mags to be had for next to nothing
  • Legendary reliability
  • AR-15 pattern grip allows you to add grip variations if you want like the Ergo Grip or Magpul pattern grips
  • M1913 rail on top looks mighty inviting for a budget optic like the Sig Romeo 5 or Primary Arms red dot
  • Adjustable bi pod is included

SB Tactical FS1913 Arm Brace is a game changer for the Charger (Photo:SBTactical.Com)

Would You ?

Would you consider the Ruger Charger or Charger Lite with the rear mounted rail ? I think with the current trend of allowing pistol braces to be used it’s almost a no brainer. It really on the surface looks like too much fun to pass up. What do you think ? Drop us your thoughts or comments below.

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