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MDT Sporting Goods Ltd. Announces Their New Training Shot Timer and App

The MDT Training Shot Timer is a versatile and advanced shot timer designed for shooters of all skill levels. It features adjustable sensitivity, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of firearms and calibers as well as dry fire practice and suppressors. The device saves all of your shooting data and pairs with an accompanying app, which enables users to record video with live stats and share them on social media. The app also supports the ability to create and run through virtual shooting stages, providing a unique and customizable training experience. With the MDT Training Shot Timer, you can take your shooting skills to the next level.

The MDT Training Shot Timer features a weather-resistant design for use in all climates and conditions. It has a two-piece magnetic backing with a belt clip. It’s easy to remove from your clothes or gear to swap between preset training drills. The internal battery is recharged wirelessly, or through a USB-C cable, and can last for weeks on a single charge.


The MDT Training Shot Timer is now available with a starting price of $299.95 USD. Details can be found at

ABOUT MDT Sporting Goods Ltd.

MDT is the leading precision rifle chassis manufacturer with offices and production in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, and Everson, WA, USA. MDT was born out of a single purpose: to provide better value and better accuracy for precision rifles. The first MDT chassis was developed from the ground up based on the needs of shooters. Our engineers verified every function and feature based on the input from competitive shooters. The result was a game-changing product called the TAC21 that continues to perform at the range, in the field, and in competitions worldwide. Today, MDT chassis, magazines, and accessories are still developed the same way. We collaborate, question, and verify our concepts with precision shooters from around the globe to ensure that every MDT product is designed with the same single purpose: to help you Shoot Better. For more information, see

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