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Kel-Tec P17: Budget Minded .22 LR

Kel-Tec has long been known for innovative and sometimes controversial designs like the PMR-30, the Sub 2000 or the bullpup RDB. The hallmark of the company has been seeing a niche market forcing their way into it and maximizing the potential for growth and sales. Taking a risk and diving into the unknown has sometimes made American ingenuity look amazing and sometimes, well not so clever. We thought it was interesting that KelTec has once again set it’s sights on the budget minded shooter and introduced the new P-17 pistol chambered in .22LR

This new polymer pistol carries an MSRP of an almost stupid low price of $199.00, yeah you read that correctly. A pistol in this price range that holds 17 rounds, has a threaded barrel lifetime warranty ? How can this be ??? Well we don’t know but all I know is that Kel-Tec just tossed it’s hat into the argument for best affordable gun that you wont want to use as a fishing weight. The P-17 is slighting longer than a dollar bill and weight around 0.8 lbs. but lets take at the initial specs.


Manufacturer: Kel-Tec

Model: P-17

Caliber: .22 LR

Capacity: 16+1

Overall Length: 6.56″

Barrel Length: 3.93″

Weight: 0.8 lbs

Material: Steel & Polymer

Threads: 1/2 x 28


  • Comes with 3 magazines
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Less than 14 ounces fully loaded

Image Courtesy: Kel-Tec Weapons

Thoughts & Ideas 

YES before anyone asks we are trying to get one, to demo or to purchase but we will get one and feed it everything we can find and perform a series of testing on it to include an ice block test. This isn’t to destroy the pistol but for less than $200 for a semi automatic from a reputable manufacture we are really excite and want to really put it through it’s paces. Sure there are other pistols out there that are around $200 from other manufacturers but the only new one that jumps out in my mind is the new Ruger Wrangler and it’s a single action revolver so it’s not really on my personal radar.

Check back and let us know what you think of the Kel-Tec P17, should we take a gamble on a $200 pistol ? It might just surprise you and be a great truck or ATV plinker. If it holds up anywhere near the Kel-Tec PMR 30 that I’ve been blasting with for the better part of a year, it will be a great pick up.

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Rick Dembroski spent 10 of the best years of his life as a USAF Civil Engineer, traveling the globe, drinking beer, and causing chaos. His superiors dubbed him "King of Useless Knowledge" a title that he still loves to this day. After his military career he chose to stay in the frozen north of Alaska and currently works as an Emergency Management Specialist combining his love of chaos with preparedness to ensure people know how to survive disasters.


  • Steve

    September 23, 2019

    I am very happy with my P-17. Shoots Straight, Runs Great

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