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GrovTec Balances the Hunt and Lends a Hand

American manufacturer GrovTec has released a new option for
minimalist hunters looking for a better way to carry their gun. Adjustable ride height minimizes entanglements. By combining the features of a
traditional Y-harness load-bearing system and sling, the Molle Padded
BalancePoint Sling w/ Push Button Swivels permits hands-free
carrying of both rifle and small accessories. 

Ranchers, property owners, and cross-country shooters can comfortably carry their rifle balanced on their back and interference-free while retaining the use of both hands for other tasks.  Should conditions dictate, the
Balance Point Sling can function like a traditional two-point sling as well.

Ride height and tension are both adjustable to ensure a comfortable,
balanced, and perfect fit while navigating back country or dense brush.  Molle strips along the front of padded shoulder straps provide ample
mounting locations for smaller tools such as a knife, rangefinder, or
monocular.  Included sewn-in push button swivels make mounting and
dismounting a breeze and the BalancePoint a one-stop item by
eliminating the need to source additional hardware.

Padded shoulder straps provide ample real estate for accessory mounts. These features combine to make the Molle Padded BalancePoint Sling w/ Push Button Swivels an easy choice for serious hunters looking for an
American-made product warrantied for life that they can trust to carry
their rifle for years to come.  This latest solution from GrovTec is
available now with an MSRP of just $73.99.

To learn more about what makes GrovTec a true American success story see the short video.   The History of Grovtec
About GrovTec:
GrovTec was born when a major manufacturer moved operations overseas. Seizing an opportunity, the assets were purchased and
GrovTec continued to proudly engineer and machine in Wood
Village, OR.  Today GrovTec produces some of the finest firearms
accessories for OEM, consumer, and contract.

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