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Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Escape, Defend Yourself or Write a Grocery List

You can’t predict when things are going to take a change for the worse and you need a tool or a weapon. The guys at Gerber went to people that deal with bad situations every day,  law enforcement, and developed the Impromptu Tactical Pen. Made from machined steel with a tempered window-shattering tip, the Impromptu Tactical Pen can be used to escape from a burning car, defend yourself from an unexpected attack or write a grocery list


Whenever I read the description of a tool and the manufacturer uses the word “tactical” in the description I become suspicious and expect a significant price markup. After watching the demonstration video on and considering the sizeable discount available as a first responder through Gerber, I decided to give the Impromptu Tactical Pen a try.

Unboxing the pen, I immediately noted the agreeable feel it has in the hand. I initially thought it was going to be too heavy of a pen to write with. I found the pen to be comfortable for writing about a page or two’s worth of a witness statement. Much more writing than that and I think my fingertips and hand would get fatigued quickly from the weight and sharp edges.

I like that Gerber chose to use Rite-in-the-Rain ink cartridges. These ink cartridges are easily found at office supply stores and I’ve already been using them for years due to the ability to keep working and writing in a variety of weather conditions such as what I see in southwest Washington.


The impromptu aspect of this pen is the ever-present availability of a window punch. Earlier in my law enforcement career I found out the hard way that an aluminum bodied Streamlight flashlight doesn’t work that great for breaking out a car window. Once the window finally broke out, I was left with a flashlight full of embedded glass.

Having the impromptu pen available in my shirt pocket and not a window punch buried in a gear bag would have been wonderful. In the spur-of-the-moment, will the tool that you need be immediately available?

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen: Escape, Defend Yourself or Write a Grocery List


This pen feels like quality. I look forward to continuing to use it and believe it’s going to last me many years. I love that it’s a Made in the USA product covered by a lifetime warranty. I would recommend this tool to those working in public safety and those who choose to act when duty calls.


Clickable pen as opposed to a screw off lid for the alternate uses.
Machined stainless-steel body with Cerakote finish.
Stainless Steel pocket clip.
Rite-in-the-Rain ink cartridge.
Defensive tool if you had to use it as such.
Made in the USA.
Limited Lifetime warranty.
68 grams/2.4 OZ weight makes it easy to write with, extra weight creates smooth writing.
5.59” overall length.
Get your very own Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen HERE $72.00 list price.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at


  • Mike

    September 23, 2019

    Love my Gerbers. Always room for one more.

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