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Everyone Needs a Little Swagger!

Accessories can be a great addition to you rifle setup. But, having the right ones can make all the difference. Having a stable platform to shoot from can make or break the shot. An adaptive and adjustable, yet innovative bipod can just be what you are looking for.

Swagger Bipods is a US based company in Grand Island, NE. The are changing the bipod and shooting stick market with their innovative, adaptive, and functional designs. Swagger stands behind their products with a no question asked buy back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

The numbers:

Manufacturer: Swagger

Model: SEA12 (Extreme Angle)

Dimensions: 9” – 12”

Weight: 13.6 oz


  • Overmolded Flex Ready joint
  • Mounts to Pic Rail

MSRP: $199.99

Model: SFR10 QD (Flex to Rigid Quick Detach)

Dimensions: 6” – 10.5”

Weight: 15.2 oz


  • Quick Detach
  • Adjustable tension
  • Three position legs

MSRP: $249.99

Manufactures website:

First Impressions:

I received both Swagger Bipods in the mail. They were packaged really nice and come in quality boxes that protect the bipods nicely and provide a good box for in store display. When opening the boxes you can feel the quality in the materials. You can tell their quality control is high with the fit and finish with their mounts, leg swivel points, and the locking pins move smoothly and lock the legs in place tightly with little to no movement.


I mounted the SEA12 onto my AR-15. I chose the SEA12 for my AR-15 due to the slightly increased height the extra height allowed for easier magazine manipulation during loading and reloading. At first the SEA12 felt a little “spongey” for a bipod. The Swagger SEA12 has a different feel to the bipod due to the adaptability to extreme angles and flexibility built into each leg.

The SEA12 mounted easily to the Picatinny rail I had mounted to my KeyMod hand guard. The bipod can be easily mounted and remounted with a 9/64 Allen key. Once mounted it has simple operations that one can easily do with one hand the legs deploy with ease, a simple press on the locking pins and the swing down and lock in the downward position. Each leg has a rubber wrapped twist lock for height adjustment. One thing I noticed was the legs are completely smooth unlike other bipods I have used these have unlimited adjustment capability within the bipods respective height. It is a feature I never really considered until I was not stuck to specified adjustment increments being able to fine-tune the specific height of each leg allows for ease of use on uneven train away from the range or bench shooting.

After a few shots I started to get the feel for this innovative design built into the legs of the SEA12. The additional flex in each leg allows for quick transitions in shooting positions without being forced to adjust the height of each leg. You can use the flexibility for quick adjustments on uneven train and it also allows the shooter to preload the bipod to increase the stability of you shooting position. During my range day I was pleasantly surprised by the SEA12 I was adjusting the bipod and noticed a rubber foot was not completely seated, at first I thought it was just falling off, to my surprise they hid a nice secret. The bipods come with spikes installed under the rubber feet. Having spikes provide much need grip to lose or rocky surfaces. It is a nice touch having the spikes mounted on the bipod and being able to slip the rubber feet on and off without any special tools.


I chose to mount the SFR10 onto my Weatherby .300 WinMag hunting rifle. I chose the use the SFR10 on my hunting set-up due to the quick disconnect and adjustable tension on the legs. On my lighter yet high powered rifle having the ability to add tensions to the legs helped manage the recoil allowing me to get back on target faster. The quick disconnect is an important feature for me it not only allows me to easily remove the bipod in the field to reduce weight for longer harder hikes but also you to easily remove for storage or transfer to other rifles without needing any tools.

The addition of a third position on the leg angle allows for locking the legs at a 45 degree angle. The additional locking position allows for a stable shooting position on uneven or difficult terrain. The legs tension is easily adjusted with a 3/16 Allen key. Take your time in adjusting the tension you want it to have some flex to help with transferring some recoil and allowing you to pre-load the bipod without adding to much tension to your rifle. The SFR10 also included integrated spikes along with rubber feet. The only thing I would change for my hunting set-up is the spikes have a shiny chrome finish. I would prefer a flat or dual finish for this set-up. This is not a deal breaker you can easily refinish or paint them if this is your primary use for the bipod.

Final thoughts:

Both bipods are made to some of the highest quality standards I have seen. Each one has a specific purpose and fit different applications. No bipod is a one size fits all. But, with the innovative features of the SEA12 and SFR10 QD the cover a wider range of applications without sacrificing functionality or adding additional weight and over complicated adjustments. Both bipods can be used by the recreational shooter, backwoods hunter, and law-enforcement or tactical operation. The quality you will receive from Swagger bipods will provide many years of stable, adaptive, and functional support to your specific shooting needs.

About the Author /

Matt Umstead is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran with 4 years active service as Military Police where he spent most of his time on a Special Reaction Team becoming proficient in special tactics and response. After his time with the Marine Corps, in 2007 he transitioned into law enforcement where he spent 8 years as a federal police officer. He now spends his days in Alaska as a lead firearms instructor teaching federal police officers, contractors, and military personnel on basic marksmanship and weapons tactics for various firearms ranging from 9mm pistol up to the .50 caliber machine gun. When not at work, he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking with his family

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