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Clean and Smooth Custom Holsters from Rough Cut Holsters

The holsters aren’t rough but the people they are made for might be.

If you are a pistol owner that is anything like me, you have a drawer full of holsters that you are disappointed in and one or two that you always go to and are your favorite.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a custom made Rough Cut Holsters. I designed my own and chose a strong side, outside the waistband Kydex holster with a paddle attachment.

I don’t like threading my belt through every time I want to switch holsters and love the convenience of a quality paddle holster that I can put in place and know that it’s going to stay. I partnered my Rough Cut Holster with my Crossbreed Thin Line Crossover Gun Belt to ensure that it stays put.

The Rough Cut Holster is anything but rough. Attention to detail is obvious and it is not a mass produced holster. The craftsmanship and individualized care is obvious. My holster was done up in a Kydex that looks like basketweave leather and Thin Blue Line accents were added to it with a thin blue line down the middle of the holster and customized eyelets and washers.

You can pick a “generic” holster and pick from the drop down forms for a simple customization or you can click on the custom orders option and truly make your own customized holster with Rough Cut Holsters.

The fit and function is perfect. The retention is positive and perfectly molded to my Sig P365XL.

This holster won’t be getting lost in the holster drawer.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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