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It’s Different

APEX has done it again with their all new trigger enhancement kit for the slimline series of Glock pistols.  Their new slimline trigger system is compatible with the Glock 43, 43X, and 48.  It is available in black, red, or thin blue line versions.

Get your finger working faster

The APEX trigger enhancement kit provides a crisper break, a short take-up, and clean “rolling wall” vs. a distinct trigger break.  Instead of experiencing what I know as “mush” I felt a smooth, clean break.

Less trigger travel=less movement at the point of ignition = less interruption of your sights

Right out of the package, you’ll notice smooth and clean metal surfaces that give you that broke-in and clean trigger press.  The face of the trigger feels good against your fingertip and helps keep your index point consistent.

Easy to change

Remove two pins (the combination trigger/locking block pin and the trigger housing pin), remove locking block, remove slide stop lever, remove trigger, trigger bar, remove trigger mechanism housing with ejector, and finally remove the connector.

With everything out of the way, replace the connector with your shiny new one from APEX and connect it to your trigger and trigger bar.  I like to place a drop of oil on the face of the connector where it will be contacting the trigger bar before putting it back into the pistol.

Place it all back into the pistol frame.

Place your slide stop lever back in, put the locking block back in and place the locking block pin and trigger housing pin back in.  Test the pistol out UNLOADED and make sure everything works correctly.

You’ll immediately notice the cleaner trigger press.  The flat faced trigger helps shorten the distance to the trigger and is a more ergonomic design; it just feels “gooder!”


Don’t buy this trigger to fix having terrible trigger control.  Develop good or even great trigger control – then upgrade to a great trigger like the Apex!

APEX gives you a great balance between shorter/lighter and not having a negligent discharge.

Performance Driven

With APEX you know you’re getting performance driven design. Most of the APEX triggers are between two and 5 pounds and are much more reminiscent to the 1911 when shooting as compared to a curved trigger.  APEX’s triggers are designed around the hand, not the handgun!

To get your own APEX Action Enhancement Kit for the Glock 43, 43X, or 48, go HERE.  Interested in an APEX product for your Glock but not necessarily the slimline series?  Check out some of their other great products HERE.

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