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Blaser Introduces the B2 Riflescope Line

Blaser is pleased to introduce the new B2 riflescope line. Featuring world-class German optical performance designed to accommodate thermal clip-on devices, these all-purpose hunting scopes are made in Germany and available in 1-6×24 iC, 2-12×50 iC, and 2.5-15×56 iC models. Featuring a 6x zoom and 30mm main tube, B2 riflescopes are extremely compact, robust, and engineered to handle the additional weight and stress when shooting with a thermal unit attached. The shorter length ensures the clip-on device can be comfortably operated from the shooting position, and that the rifle’s center of gravity is not shifted too far forward.  This design also requires a shorter range of motion of the zoom system’s movable lenses which results in improved mechanical precision and a more stable point of impact when changing magnification.

“The Blaser B2 riflescopes feature excellent German-built optics optimized for big game hunting and for use with the Liemke clip-on thermal devices,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group USA. “The premium optics and design make this line of scopes ideal for all hunters who want the option of hunting in daylight or darkness, which thermal clip-ons make possible.”

All B2 models feature fine, daylight bright, illuminated fiber optic 4C reticles in the second focal plane and the illumination setting is lockable. External lenses are coated with Blaser’s Smart Lens Protection (SLP) hydrophobic coating to repel rain. The B2 scopes are also available with or without an inner rail for mounting on any make and type of rifle.

The Blaser QDC+ (Quick Distance Control+) feature is available as an option and allows you to adjust shooting distance up to a range of 500 m directly on the elevation turret of your B2 scope.  For optimal adaptation to your own rifle, 10 interchangeable engraved rings are included, covering a wide range of hunting ammunition.  Individual markings can also be applied to a blank ring.  As with all Blaser riflescopes, the turret can be locked at the zero position and also at a second preferred point of impact to prevent unintentional adjustments in the field.

The optional Blaser B2 Ocular Flip Cover is sold separately and activates the illuminated reticle in the Blaser B2 scope on all rifles without an iC cocking slide.  The ingenious design of Blaser riflescopes allows activation of the illumination through the magnet integrated into the flip cover.  Simply open the cover and the illumination turns on.


Blaser B2 1-6×24 iC                            $1700

Blaser B2 2-12×50 iC                         $1900

Blaser B2 2.5-15×56 iC                      $1900

Blaser Ocular Flip Cover                    $150

QDC+                                                  $300

For more information, visit: Blaser B2 Riflescopes.

About Blaser Group                

The Blaser Group is the official U.S. importer for iconic German firearms brands Blaser, Mauser and J.P. Sauer; English gunmaker John Rigby & Co.; Minox optics and Liemke Thermal Optics.  Established in 2006, the company which is based in San Antonio, Texas works with distributors, wholesalers, and over 200 authorized Blaser Group dealers across all North American states, with this figure continually growing. Today the Blaser Group’s industry-leading product portfolio includes bolt-action, combination rifles and over-and-under shotguns designed specifically for game hunters and competitive target shooters. Its custom shop offers exclusive engravings, design work and custom finishing for bespoke guns. With recent innovations, Blaser Group has gone on to expand its product portfolio into cutting edge optics and accessory lines. For more information about the company and product lines, visit:

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