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A Fast Holster and Armor that Makes You Look Good: Asfaleia Designs New Concepts at SHOT 2020

What makes the Asfaleia Designs Family Pack so special? It can be used as a shield to protect yourself during an active shooter situation, and it has the fastest draw in the industry. Asfaleia Designs, a producer of luxury-grade, armor-capable, concealed carry bags and packs has announced they will offer a sneak peek of their latest concepts at the SHOT Show Pop-Up Preview center, booth 62214 on Wednesday, January 22nd.  Asfaleia teases that its latest creation is one relevant to every attendee of the show!

Italian design, rich leather, and select-grade hardware make the Asfaleia Designs Family Pack attractive, but it’s what’s inside that makes it different.  An integrated pocket stores an optional 10″x12″ Level IIIA advanced pistol ballistic armor panel.  Hidden along the back of the pack is Asfaleia Designs’ magnetic closure, concealed carry pocket and holster.  This location and closure style keeps your defensive tool concealed yet readily available after swinging the armor to your front.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, Asfaleia Design’s backpacks all feature the ability to integrate personal protection without detracting from the daily use of the backpack.  Armor carried is always more effective than armor left at home.
About Asfaleia Design: ASFALEIA (pronounced “as-fall’-ya”) is Greek for safety.  Asfaleia Design brings modern safety and protection strategies in response to modern threats.  Readiness to protect oneself or family should not require sacrificing style or practicality and with Asfaleia design it doesn’t.

Asfaleia Design pairs sophisticated style, discreet carry, and ballistic barriers. Defense is a reactive action by its very nature.  We can’t control when we’ll need it, but we can control what we have available when we need it.  What sets ASFALEIA apart is the option to seamlessly integrate Level IIIA ballistic armor turning your everyday bag into everyday added protection, everyday, “asfaleia”.

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