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Wake Up with America’s Coffee – Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee Company, More Than Just Fun Commercials

The BRCC Collapsible Pour Over Device and Burr Grinder are a winning combination for those looking for great coffee on the go.

SHOT Show 2019

As I wandered the halls of SHOT Show 2019, trying to not get lost, I came across the BRCC booth and the smell of fresh roasted coffee drew me in.  I love coffee almost as much as I like black rifles so it just seemed like a natural fit.

As I enjoyed some of the GUNSHIP medium roast drip coffee I spotted the BRCC Collapsible Pour Over device and was intrigued with the simplicity of design and ability to break it down for storage.

Collapsible Pour Over Device

The BRCC Collapsible Pour Over Device is like an origami coffee machine for one. Made out of high-grade aluminum, you can break it down into individual pieces and store it flat for easy transport and rapid deployment!

The BRCC Collapsible Pour Over Device is $29.99 and you have to supply your own cup(s). BRCC recommends use of their BRCC specific filters  for best brewing results.

Burr Grinder

The BRCC brand Burr Grinder is a heavy-duty grinder.  It has a machined aluminum anodized housing and an easy to adjust grind that doesn’t over do it when you aren’t paying attention.

The conical-grinder itself is made from stainless-steel with precision ball bearings and it has an integrated handle holder grip.

The best thing about this burr grinder is the consistent grind you’ll get once you set it to your desired setting.

Conical Grinder from BRCC

The BRCC Burr Grinder is small and portable but don’t expect it to be light!  When you pick it up, you’ll feel the quality of the grinder in it’s weight.

Expect to pay about $94.99 for this quality Burr Grinder and leave a little more money aside to pick up your favorite BRCC bag of coffee.

Better yet, join the Black Rifle Coffee Club and get free shipping on club orders, never run out of coffee, and be a part of exclusive discounts that they offer.

Black Rifle Coffee Company serves coffee and culture to the people who love America.

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