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TrueTimber® New Inflatable Ground Blind Sheds New Light on Formerly Stagnant Technology

INMAN, S.C. – January 10, 2020 – TrueTimber has announced the launch of a revolutionary air-filled ground blind series that gives hunters a smarter, faster and wildly more efficient option compared to traditional ground blind technology. A simple to use, sleek design with the reliability and strength to repel harsh elements represents the future of ground hunting blinds. The new blinds will be available in mid 2020 and can be found in multiple popular TrueTimber patterns.

A complete blind kit with pump and accessories is lightweight and small enough to fit within its own compact backpack. TrueTimber blinds guarantee an easy hike in and out in addition to having a stress free set up and breakdown that can be completed in less than two minutes. Shying away from the traditional ground blind design with rigid and cumbersome fiber rods, TrueTimber blinds are constructed with air-filled poles giving the blind reliable structure while adding the benefit of a small, lightweight package when deflated. The blinds will be available in two versions to accommodate both solo hunters and multiple hunters and gear. 

“This is certainly not the ground blind your dad used,” said TrueTimber CEO Rusty Sellars. “When I say that I mean it in all the right ways. For some time now we have seen the same outdated technology in the ground blind market even though anyone who has hunted out of one knows the stress involved in the actual implementation. These blinds represent a bright future in technology that we are confident will succeed no matter how nasty conditions get while taking the stress out of blind set up.”

Patent pending TrueTimber air blinds are simple to inflate by pump and deflate with no need for special instructions and can be completed easily by one person. The air-filled poles have the ability to bend under stress from elements such as wind and snow without risk of breaking to ensure a season long reliable setup. The included anchoring system keeps the blind in place and ready to hunt at a moment’s notice.

Air Blind Backpack 

The included backpack is compact in size and fits the blind itself as well as the pump and anchors with additional pockets for accessories. This setup contributes to the overall lightweight and condensed package that can quickly be inflated to a fully capable ground blind.

To learn more about the entire TrueTimber product line and see all available patterns, visit Details about future product launches can be found on TrueTimber’s Facebook,Instagram and Twitter pages. 

About TrueTimberFounded in 2005, TrueTimber is based in Inman, South Carolina and is the most realistic, performance-driven camouflage brand in the industry. TrueTimber offers a wide variety of clothing items and accessories, featuring 27 distinct camo patterns that perfectly blend with their surroundings. The company spends countless hours researching, testing and seeking new technology to produce the most effective and lifelike camouflage patterns possible. TrueTimber products can be found in retailers across the United States and Canada, and it continues to be one of the fastest growing camouflage companies in the world. For more information about TrueTimber, visit

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