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The SIRT 20/20C from NextLevel Training

If you carry a SIG than the wait is over. The SIRT 20/20C from NextLevel Training has finally arrived with its functional features of a SIG P320.

The SIRT 20/20C features a metal slide with a green shot indicating laser and a red take-up laser.

Like the other offerings from NextLevel Training, the SIRT 20/20C offers a safe, effective, and innovative way for you to train. The SIRT pistols are an outstanding way to complement your live fire and dry fire training regiments.

When you buy a SIRT 20/20C you get a the SIRT training pistol, a training magazine, a trigger adjustment tool, and a laser windage and elevation adjustment tool.

I’ve been training with the SIRT pistols for quite a few number of years now and have loved the knowledge that has been gained while using one.

If you’re not quite sure what the SIRT NextLevel Training pistols are about, check out some of our previous articles about them HERE and check out one of these videos.

A great tool, a great price, and a great company that stands behind their products.

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