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Streamlight ProTac 90: 300 Lumen Multi-fuel Mini

Streamlight’s new ProTac 90 is a 300 lumen, right angle tactical light with multi-fuel technology. The big news here is that you can use CR123 Lithium batteries for performance or AA Lithium or AA Alkaline when availability of cost is an issue. Perfect for a firefighters turnouts or a soccer mom’s bug out bag, the ProTac does it all.

I have traveled all over the world. I have never been in a country that didn’t have AA batteries. Even closer to home, the neighborhood stop and rob will 100% of the time have AA’s. No so much with CR123’s, and when you find them in a store they can be pricey. 

The light adjusts itself using a combination of trapdoors, springs and sorcery. All you need to do is put a battery in, the light adapts itself with no effort on your part. If you can put the positive end in first, you can have illumination.

Encased in a virtually indestructible aluminum housing, it’s got a 90-degree head and a multi-function clip designed to fit Molle and other gear.  It measures just 3.75 inches and delivers 300 lumens.

The ProTac 90 is super bright,it is so bright that they built a triple click dimmer feature to use the light for up close work that requires less light or situations where battery life needs conservation.

Clip this super bright, compact right-angle flashlight to turnouts, tactical vest, uniform pocket or gear strap—for focused hands-free lighting. The L-shape allows one handed operation, even with gloved hands. ProTac 90 offers a comfortable, sure grip for any size hand, and convenient operation for fire, rescue, tactical or road side repairs in the rain.

Advanced Streamlight LED technology delivers 300 lumens of piercing white light for 1.75 hours continuous regulated run time at over 90% of full brightness on High. At just over 3 3/4” long, and 3 oz. with the CR123, the powerful ProTac90 produces a smoke-cutting central beam with optimum peripheral illumination for easier navigation and improved situational awareness.

On Low it provides a very useful 40 lumens of light for up to 14 hours of continuous run time. It can produce a visible life-saving warning signal in strobe mode for 2.5 hours.

The TEN-TAP switch cycles between three modes:  High Beam, Strobe, Low Beam.

Run times for at power with CR123 battery:

High – 300 Lumens, 5400 candela peak beam intensity, 1.75 hours runtime

Low – 40 Lumens, 700 candela peak beam intensity, 14 hours runtime

Strobe – 2.5 hours run time

The 3 Volt “CR 123A” lithium batteries have a shelf life of ten years.


  • Uses CR123 Lithium, AA Lithium or AA Alkaline batteries
  • 90° head in fixed position with gasket sealed glass lens
  • Custom optic produces a blended beam
  • Optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation
  • Integrated clip for attaching the light to turnout gear, clothing or equipment
  • Fully rotatable/reversible/removable clip to allow a variety of mounting positions
  • Regulated power output provides maximum light output throughout battery life
  • Push button switch provides one handed momentary or constant on operation
  • Fast double click from off to activate Strobe mode; fast triple click from off to activate Low mode
  • Super tough anodized aircraft aluminum body provides exceptional durability and a sure grip
  • Two meter impact resistance tested, rugged borofloat glass lens
  • IPX7 rated design; waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

This versatile, virtually indestructible right-angle flashlight offers all the durability and simple operation With a rotating, reversible, removable clip it’s very easy to carry and position for maximum effectiveness. The head mounted push button switch provides one-handed momentary or constant “on” operation and quick selection of lighting mode. The high-impact aircraft aluminum body, lens, and LED lighting unit are built to take the heat… or hard professional use.

The LED will never need replacing–it’s guaranteed not to break or burn out over its 50,000 hour operating life. This is truly a light you can depend on in any situation; backed by Streamlight’s No-Fault Lifetime Warranty.

About Streamlight:
Streamlight is a “hands-on” company since it started in 1973. They go through firefighters’ training and take courses in low-light shooting to understand your needs. They’re hunters, fishermen, outdoor and sports enthusiasts. Their hands-on, real-world experience that leads to new ideas and innovations that set Streamlight apart.

Photos by Mark Miller

About the Author /

Mark Miller is a former Customs Agent and a Green Beret who served in Afghanistan and a number of other live fire locations. A student of firearms and shooting, he is an FFL and a SOT. The guiding philosophy of his life is that terrain and situation dictate tactics and the enemy always gets a vote on any plan.

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