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So You Want To Be a Writer, Here is How You Do It.

In the beginning, you read a lot and get some experience shooting. The first symptom of writing fever is a continuing feeling that you could write a better post than the one you are reading. Then comes the belief that you have original ideas that would benefit others. It becomes serious when you start writing draft articles.  You need a place to post.

We’re always looking for good writers. Our writers are knowledgeable people with a passion for helping others. Our writers should simultaneously have a desire to learn. Writing guest articles can be a great way to gain experience and recognition within the community. Writing for us also gives you the opportunity to link your business and we ask that you promote your article through various social media platforms.

Your author bio should be no longer than 100 words. Your post should be 500-800 words and longer articles are encouraged. All content must be original and written by you. Two or three quality original photographs are needed. All comments by readers to your article should have a reply.

We will only apply minor edits and ask that you check punctuation, spelling and grammar usage before submission. Your submission grants Paragraph4 full permission to use it online and in any form: paid-up, royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use, reproduce, distribute, and publicly display your article.

Your submission also indicates you are in full agreement with these terms. Submission by you does not guarantee publication by us.

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