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Smart Firearms Training Devices, See What All the Buzz is About

Smart Firearms does more than just keeping your booger hook  off the bang switch when it doesn’t belong on it.  The rule of keeping your finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned and ready to fire is a universal firearms safety rule that often is screwed up and can have dire consequences.

Unintentional discharge, negligent discharge, accidental discharge, you can come up with all kinds of names for what happens but at the root of it all – the finger was on the trigger when it shouldn’t have been and it can and has happened to the experienced as well as the novice. 

Variants of the Smart Firearms Training Devices are available for several major Firearms Manufacturers like this one similar to the S & W family of pistols

Unless you have someone coaching you and watching closely you might not even know you’ve placed your finger on the trigger when you shouldn’t have.  A training gun from Smart Firearms can help you reinforce the need to keep your finger off the trigger and do much more while training with it.  Nip the bad habit of putting your finger on the trigger in the butt before you have terrible consequences!

Did you know that despite your best efforts to not have a negligent discharge you quite possibly will anyway under certain circumstances if not “indexed”?

Dr. Roger Enoka conducted an in-depth study of negligent discharges and found them to occur under three primary circumstances.  While this article isn’t all about Dr. Enoka and his findings, they are relevant to why you need to use this training pistol from Smart Firearms for your personal training and/or for your instruction that you provide.

Postural Instability is a fancy word for you start to fall.  Human nature grasps to stop a fall.  If your finger isn’t outside of the trigger guard, you’ll likely have a negligent discharge.

Startle Response is another scenario where despite your best efforts, if startled your bodies response is to clench your fingers inward.  You might think you’re immune to being startled but you’re not. 

Overflow, what one hand does, a portion of that burst strength will also happen on your other hand.  Again, if you don’t have your finger completely out of the trigger guard, you’re setting yourself up for failure with negligent discharges. 

With your mind thinking of Postural Instability, Startle Response, and Overflow – consider the Smart Firearms training tool that always catches your trigger finger going where it doesn’t belong. 

In the trigger well of the Smart Firearms training gun is a Unintentional Discharge Zone Sensor.  Yep, you read the right, they have a special sensor that knows when you put your booger hook into the trigger guard.  When you do it wrong, the training gun lets you know with a very loud alarm that sounds. 

If your trigger finger enters the trigger guard properly and begins to immediately press the trigger because sights were aligned and you were ready to fire, then no alarm will sound.  Instead of the alarm sounding, when the shot breaks the training pistol makes a mimic shot sound, reinforcing to the user that the training gun would have discharged.

Further expand the training options when you purchase the Smart Firearms Training Gun and get the upgraded version with either a red visible laser or the IR laser.  Smart Firearms Training Guns are compatible for use with most use of force simulators on the market. 

Smart Firearms Training Guns also offer extra magazines that are realistically weighted and are removable from the gun, allowing you to practice in-battery speed reloads and tactical reloads.

With the combined trigger safety trainer, shot indicator, and the laser combined on the Smart Firearms Training Gun you’ll be able to teach multiple scenarios and training points without making students say “pew pew” when they would have shot and you’ll know if they’ve placed their finger on the trigger when they weren’t at sight alignment and ready to fire. 

There is other laser driven training pistols on the market and they might even be less expensive, but they won’t do all the things that the Smart Firearms Training Gun will do.  Ditch the solid chunks of plastic training guns for teaching or issuing to new recruits and revolutionize the learning opportunities for yourself or your students with the Smart Firearms Training Guns. 

There is no room for errors when it comes to handling firearms!  With that being said, if you screw up with a real and loaded firearm, if you’ve at least observed some of the rules of safe gun handling, no one should die!  All guns are always loaded.  Never point a firearm at something you’re not willing to destroy.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.  Be sure of your target, surroundings, and what is beyond whenever using a firearm.  These rules aren’t just for the range, they are for life whenever you are handling a firearm.

Sources: Enoka R (2003). Involuntary muscle contractions and the unintentional discharge of a firearm. Law Enforcement Executive Forum, 3 (2), 27–39.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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