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Ready to Rock and Roll: Cozad’s M-18k High Performance AR Recoil Buffers

In a world filled will recoil forces, the M-18k Recoil Buffers cut felt recoil in half. Andy Cozad set out to build a high performance non-hydraulic buffer which would be indestructible and would out perform the hydraulic models. Mission accomplished.

The Cozad M-18k Recoil Buffer is a direct replacement for your stock buffer. Designed to reduce recoil, allow quick follow up shots, reduce muzzle climb in rapid fire and decrease wear and tear on internal components, the M-18k increases the spring resistance in the last inch of recoil which softens the impact of the bolt/buffer in the stock extension.

Cozad has tested the M-18k in pistol length barrels of 7.5″ and 10.5″, carbine 16″ barrels in 5.56/.223, .300 blackout subsonic and standard load, 6.8spc, 6.5 Grendel, 5.45×39, and 9mm. The M-18k has even been tested in a 50 Beowulf 16″ barrel and easily handles the recoil.

Recoil reduction is as much as 50% depending on caliber and barrel length. Compatible with mil-spec, standard recoil springs, and most after market recoil springs. Recoil spring not included.

M-18k buffers are constructed from 7075 aluminum, stainless steel and 4130 alloy. The 7075 is hard coat type 3 anodized to mil spec.

I have tested the M-18k in various barrel lengths with several calibers. My full auto test was performed using a 14.5 inch M-4 clone and it ran like a champ. Felt recoil is reduced and reliability is excellent. Perfect for competitors, NFA shooters, law enforcement and military. Check out this full auto video done by Cozad…


To control bolt bounce, the M-18k works in three different ways:

First- the traditional weighted mass. That is the rattling when you shake the buffer.

Second- the piston and tail assembly. During the recoil cycle, when the bolt returns to battery, the piston/tail are free float and transfers additional energy into the bolt to prevent bounce.

Third- There are no flats on the outside diameter of the buffer. This helps form a pneumatic seal in the stock extension and helps control bounce.

The Cozad M-18k is a strictly mechanical in its design. There are no fluids or seals to degrade or leak out. The spring and piston design increases the spring tension in the last 1” of bolt rearward travel where you really need it. It is made by veterans in America. If you want a no compromise buffer that will last, look no farther than Cozad.

You can get your very own Cozad M-18k Recoil Buffer HERE MSRP $85


About Cozad Manufacturing:

Andy Cozad is a man with a vision. An Army reservist and a shooter, he looked at AR technology and found the buffers wanting. His goal was to make an effective mechanical buffer that out performed the hydraulic models currently available.

Twelve years ago, he started with a commercial hydraulic buffer in a 6.8 SPC build. It never worked properly with the piston conversion and was short stroking in recoil. In frustration, he ended up with an H2 buffer in the 6.8 and a desire to build a better buffer.

Deployed to Afghanistan in 2014-2015, Andy was billeted next to some Australian SF guys running with HK416 and Colt 10.5 inch guns with KAC suppressors. They had weapons failures with snapped hammer springs and other broken parts. The hydraulic buffers they had were not working.

The final piece of the puzzle came when a friend asked him to make an AR-10 barrel in 45/70. The recoil of this beast led Andy to commit to making an improved AR buffer. The first prototype was finished in a couple hours. Testing was done in a 5.56 rifle model, it broke in two places after 200 rounds. With the weaknesses identified, Andy started re-designing and reinforcing.

A dozen design changes in design and five changes in material later, he arrived at the M18k. His goal was to make an effective mechanical buffer that out performed the hydraulic models currently available. Mission accomplished, he started Cozad Manufacturing LLC.

Future projects will be multi caliber and perhaps a specific model for pistol caliber carbines (PCC). The future is bright.
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