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Propper Tactical’s Summerweight Shorts: Comfortable and Durable

Propper International’s Summerweight Tactical Shorts are very comfortable to wear, yet very durable with a rigid waistband and reinforced button. They have the appearance of dress pants yet repel dirt and stains with ease. With 10 pockets, they have more functionality than I’ve seen in other ‘tactical shorts’.

Propper has been supplying apparel and gear to the U.S. military for over 50 years. This longevity is due in part to their attention to detail and quality. These traits have been passed down to their latest summer weight tactical shorts. To say that they are comfortable in 90F plus weather is an understatement. The added UPF 50 sun protection is an added bonus to those that are sensitive to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, especially living in Alaska.


The shorts I tested were black and at first I was afraid to wear them outdoors due to the fabric’s finish. I saw them as almost ‘dress shorts’ but after trying them on realized that they are way more than shorts I could wear to a nice summer evening event. They are more capable than I expected. My first time wearing them was for yard work. The fit for my waist size was as advertised, perhaps a bit roomier. The mobility they provided while mowing and other yard chores was impressive. I do not have a flat yard and every move I made whether moving up or down hill was met with the flexing of the material. What impressed me more was the ease of cleaning them and how they looked when I pulled them from the laundry. They looked brand new. I suspect that with the composition of the nylon/spandex fabric used in their construction they will look new for years to come. Finally, shorts that won’t shrink after a few trips through the laundry.

One of many uses for rear pocket. Ruger LC-9 tucks in
Photo: McKraut


The cargo pockets are exceptionally roomy and are augmented by the zippered pockets immediately above them. Whether you’re wearing yard or tactical gloves you’ll have plenty of room in the cargo pockets if you need to take them off and don’t want to set them down. If you’re looking to carry magazines for an AR or AK, you’ll be able to carry (four) in each pocket. There is no divider in the cargo pockets to keep magazines/items separated. The dual function front hand pockets are roomy and deep. The back pockets are also zippered to prevent items from falling out and should provide an extra layer of protection from those that want to pickpocket you at summer events. The zippered pockets are made out of mesh material so carrying objects with sharp edges isn’t advised. They definitely do add to the quick-dry feature of these shorts and keep them light weight. There’s even a centered covert back pocket just below the beltline. Thinking of summertime wear, one could carry a key for a pool locker, a wallet/ID for when running, or a magazine for a sub/compact handgun. For those of you that live in firearm restricted areas you might think about a folding knife or small can of pepper spray.


Propper’s Summerweight Tactical Shorts (SKU F5264) come in five colors: Alloy, Black, Khaki, LAPD Navy and Olive. The waist sizes range from 28-56 inches with an 11” inseam. The 94% nylon / 6% spandex ripstop material shorts are very comfortable to wear, yet very durable with a rigid waistband and reinforced button. They are my favorite ‘tactical shorts’. I plan to test them further in the next few weeks on vacation.

If you’re looking for true summer shorts that you can wear to any occasion you can’t go wrong with Propper’s Summerweight Tactical Shorts especially for the MSRP of $39.99.

If you don’t want to CCW you can use the pouch for treats for you attack GSD


Manufacturer: Propper International

Model Tested: Summerweight Tactical Shorts

Sizes Available: 28-56

Leg Length: 11 Inches

Weight: 4.2 Ounces

Material: 94% Nylon/ 6% Ripstop

Colors Available: 

  • Olive
  • LAPD Blue
  • Khaki
  • Black
  • Alloy Gray

Price: $39.99

About the Guest Author 

McKraut: Served 23+ years in the United States Air Force primarily  in various aerospace command and control positions. In almost 10 years as an air controller in the 11th Air Force Rescue Coordination Center his actions resulted in approximately 200 lives saved in cooperation with the 210th, 211th, 212th Rescue Squadrons. He served at Osan Air Base Korea with the 51st Fighter Wing as well as other locations. In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics from Emery Riddle University he enjoys cold beer, rescuing dogs, bitching about Green Bay Packers Football.


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