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OT Defense’s Nub Mod™

Fix the tiny button on your Safariland ALS duty holster with the Nub Mod from OT Defense.

A smooth and fast draw starts in the holster

When I’m teaching shooters the proper draw stroke from a retention holster, step one is Grip! During the grip, the shooter is responsible for defeating all of the retention devices that their holster has and obtaining a proper grip on the pistol.

Sometimes with little hands or big hands, the holsters that are made for the masses don’t always fit like they should. OT Defense has solved this problem that some of us have with the Nub Mod.

The Nub Mod

The Nub Mod is a Made in the U.S.A. aluminum product that is blasted and finished with mil-spec anodizing.

The stock configuration before the Nub Mod

OT Defense has reversed the angle on the Nub to make it match up with the pad of your thumb sooner than the factory button. The packaging when I received my Nub Mod said that I would “find the gun in your hand just by grabbing it.” I’m a bit of skeptic but found that the claim was true for me when I started working on my draw with the Nub Mod installed.

With the Nub Mod installed

The Nub Mod installed easily

The Nub Mod installed easily and took just a few minutes with no specialty tools required. You don’t have to be a skilled armorer to install it but you probably should get it approved with your departments Firearms Training Unit or administration as you are technically altering your holster (by clamping this device on – no cutting etc has to happen!)

First I moved the hood out of the way
Put the inside portion onto the Nub
Sandwich the halves together and tighten the provided screw
put the hood back in place and you’re in business

Keep from missing the little button that Safariland gives you and add the Nub Mod.

It works.

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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