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Go To Adaptive Tactical for a Shotgun Transformation

Remington 870 with Adaptive Tactical’s stock, forend, and side saddle. Sling by Sandstrom Systems LLC

Start or Remodel a Dedicated Less Lethal Launcher Program with Adaptive Tactical

Adaptive Tactical Transforms Your Shotgun

While this article is focused on law enforcement agencies and the use of shotguns for dedicated less lethal platforms, the products that Adaptive Tactical provides can help you transform your shotgun as well.

Transformation of a Shotgun

Shotguns are underutilized and I’m not suggesting that law enforcement agencies should go away from using them in their lethal choice inventory.  What I am suggesting is those agencies that have already phased them out of service and have them just taking up space in a safe, should take another look at them and make them part of a less-lethal options inventory.

Specialty munitions are expensive and highly specialized but don’t have to be.  Simple training on a platform that most are already familiar with can get great results.

While some agencies just toss some spray paint on the wood and call it good, you shouldn’t cut corners and you should ensure that the program is done right!

Adaptive Tactical’s flashlight designed for the forend.

Adaptive Tactical offers the AT-02000-LE for transforming that old worn down and beat up Remington 870.  The AT-02000-LE is the “Orange Less Lethal” EX Performance Forend & Adjustable Style Stock and MSRP’s at $129.99. 

Not just some orange paint

The EX Performance Forend and Adjustable style stock makes the shotgun fit the shooter where the standard 870 fails.  I love that it becomes like the AR platform that more officers these days are trained on.  The butt-pad all but removes felt recoil on standard shotgun rounds and you just about lose feeling of the round going off when shooting less-lethal ammunition.

Fit the user and stay with the familiar controls

The oversized grip on the forend makes it easy to rack and has a naturally placed section of picatinny rail for mounting a flashlight. 

A long gun without a sling is like a pistol without a holster

Adaptive Tactical also thought about slings when they designed this upgrade.

The sling attachment point is included and can be installed by the user on either side

An ambidextrous sling attachment point is added during installation of the adjustable stock and you also have an integrated metal quick disconnect mount on the adjustable stock for running a single point harness.

Pair the Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Forend & Adjustable Style Stock with a blaze orange sling from Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings and there shouldn’t be any doubt that the tool being used is a dedicated less-lethal launcher.

The stock and forend are light, strong, and oversized for easy grip and manipulation. 

Easy Tactical Loading

Adaptive Tactical also has the AT-06000-R Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier for the Remington, MSRP $39.99.  The shell carrier features secure storage for six additional 12-gauge shotgun shells and provide a natural ability to top off the gun with one hand.  I really liked the texture of this carrier and found it to provide just enough grip on the shells.

The Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier or “side saddle” puts spare ammunition right where you need it. Allow the user to go hands free and still have options for engagement with the quality sling from Sandstorm Systems

AT-02000-LE, “Orange Less Lethal” EX Performance Forend & Adjustable Style Stock for Remington Shotguns, $129.99.

AT-06000-R Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier for Remington Shotguns, $39.99.  Secure Storage for (6) six 12-gauge shotgun shells.

AT-02900 EX Performance Tactical Light Forend for Remington and Mossberg (comes with light), $129.99

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Heath has been a law enforcement officer in the Great Pacific Northwest since 1993 and trains as a pistol and rifle instructor for both law enforcement and civilians. He also serves as an advanced armorer on pistols and rifles. If you're looking for training or would like to contact him, he can be reached at

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