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Crossbreed Holster and the Cassic Gun Belt

Most might recognize Crossbreed as a kydex holster manufacturer but they also manufacture nylon belts as well as quality leather belts and holsters. The belt that I have is the Classic Gun Belt in leather, 1 ½” wide and the holster is the leather Open Top Pancake Holster for a standard non-railed 1911 and both are handmade.

The Classic Gun Belt is a little stiff at first but that is to be expected for a new belt. After wearing for just an hour or so it loosened up so to speak. Fit and finish is fantastic, the color is even, stitching is great looking and the buckle is removable should you want or need to change it. The belt also features a nylon liner which is set in place with an industrial adhesive between the layers of leather and recessed stitched to keep the smooth look and fray free wear. The nylon liner increases support making it stiffer and also keeps the belt from stretching. It is available in 1 ¼” and 1 ½” and is about ¼” thick. It is available in black, brown and Founders leather and the buckle is available in either black or stainless. You can also choose options for the belt such as a Velcro liner and V clips, double stitching and basket weave which by the way looks really nice.

The Open Top Pancake Holster is also a quality handmade piece. The leather for the holster is cut from the same belt leather for a color match that is really nice. My carry gun is a 3.5” 1911 and it fits great and covers the trigger guard completely for a safe carry. The fit and finish is great and the stitching again is fantastic. Inserting and removing the gun is effortless meaning it does not bind up like other holsters I have tried but it also holds the gun securely.

The belt and holster are very comfortable to wear and carrying an all steel 1911 the belt supported the weight very well and did not let it feel as if it was just hanging there unsupported as other belts I have had in the past. The belt is also good looking enough to wear as an everyday casual belt. It is dressy enough but rugged enough to wear anywhere.

Please check out their website for the line of quality products they manufacture.

By John P. DeBeasso Jr.

Photos by John P. DeBeasso Jr.

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