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Convergent Hunting Solutions’ Sidewinder Game Call: Weapon Mounted and Smartphone Operated

The new Sidewinder Weapon Mounted Game Call from Convergent Hunting Solutions offers hunters premium sound quality from an incredibly lightweight, go-anywhere platform with smartphone controls. 
Created by professional hunters, Byron South and Stephen Skaggs, Convergent game calls are made in the USA and deliver premium sound quality at an incredible value.

Tested extensively from the piney woods of East Texas to the deserts of Northern Nevada, Convergent game calls provide the best sound thanks to industry-leading technology, effective volume control and unparalleled clarity of sound that’s sure to up your game. 

The Sidewinder Weapon Mounted Game Call is designed for the days when staying mobile and keeping a low profile are top priorities. At just 9.6 oz., the Sidewinder easily attaches to the handguard of an AR-type rifle and allows hunters to minimize movement while operating the call.

The Sidewinder connects to a smartphone via USB-C cable and offers 100+ dB of crystal-clear sound. The device has been tested and approved for calibers up to 6.8 SPC and helps maintain a low profile and minimal movement when setting up to call. 

Likewise, the unit is built with a Li-ION battery that has 5+ hours of run time on a single charge. Better in cold conditions and capable of improving overall sound quality, the battery lets hunters hunt all day with confidence.

Not only does the Sidewinder offer premium sound, it also allows hunters to film the kill shot from a first-person point of view. Like the Bullet HP, the Sidewinder can be easily operated via a series of smartphone apps and works with Android or iOS devices. 

Sidewinder Weapon Mounted Game Call  Made in the USA  One-year warranty  Latest in speaker technology  Volume – 100+ dB, clear audio  Powerful, rechargeable Li-Ion battery (3.7V, 5+ hours run time)  Weight: 9.6 oz.  Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 4  USB charging and audio cable  Directly connects to your phone via USB-C cable  Controlled by Convergent app in Google Play or iTunes  Integrated phone mount  Rated up to 6.8 SPC  MSRP: $149.95
Where experience, innovation, and passion meet, you will find Convergent Hunting Solutions. Owners Byron South and Stephen Skaggs combine over half a century of hunting across multiple continents to develop the most forward-thinking predator calls for the modern outdoorsman. The result of their efforts is a line of game calls that are superior in quality and value. From mouth-blown hand calls to smart-phone controlled calls and decoys, Convergent Hunting Solutions leads the way with experience, passion, and innovation. 100% Made in USA. 
For more information, please visit WWW.CONVERGENTHUNTING.COM

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