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Amend2 Compact Frame for P320™ Pistols: Uses P365 Magazines!

Amend2 Magazines has just released the S300, a modular pistol frame designed for use with the P320™ Fire Control Unit and Slide. The S300 allows P320 owners to use P365™ magazines, which reduces the width and length of the frame, making this an ideal concealed carry package.

“The P320 has proven itself to be a reliable and popular pistol,” said Matt Bellitti, Amend2 General Manager. “Amend2’s S300 frame will allow P320 owners a whole new level of concealability. Now one handgun can serve an even wider range of roles.”

Because the Fire Control Unit of the P320 is its serialized part, Amend2’s S300 frames can be shipped directly to consumers. The S300 will be available to consumers directly from Amend2 and through Amend2’s network of distributors. The MSRP will be $49.99, and the S300 should be available by mid-2020.

The S300 runs off of P365 magazines. These offer increased capacity for concealed carry handguns, yet maintain a easily concealed width and length. The S300 frame itself is made of a top-of-the-line reinforced nylon polymer purpose built to withstand the stresses of recoil and operation.

About Amend2 Magazines

Amend2 Magazines is a family owned and operated business based in Idaho Falls,

Idaho. The company was founded in 2013 out of a passion for the Second Amendment and because of expertise and knowledge in industrial plastics. The Mod-1 version of the Amend2 AR-15 magazine was the company’s first product to market in 2014. Amend2 has quickly gained market share as being known as the toughest AR-15 magazine on the market. It has continued expanding the line with additional platforms and calibers to meet the needs of customers. Amend2 proudly produces its products in the United States with the majority of parts and components coming from its own backyard in Idaho and Utah. More information is available at

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