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Because Accidents Happen: Mountain Man Medical’s The Yellowstone

Everyone knows that accidents happen all the time, but you never think it will or can happen to you. Well, they do, and they can! Being prepared is always a good idea but in most homes and vehicles a basic first aid kit is all we have available, band aids, ointment and gauze in most kits.

Enter the Mountain Man Medical Trauma Kit “The Yellowstone”. It is a kit designed to be affordable and contains just about anything you would need in a medical emergency. Of course, proper training is always recommended and should be something that we should all investigate.

The kit I have is called “The Yellowstone” and consists of the rugged but compact nylon zippered carrying case, TACMED SOF-T tourniquet, QuikClot Combat Hemostatic Gauze, Hyfin Twin Compact Twin Chest Seal, North American Rescue Mini Emergency Trauma Bandage, 2 pairs Large Nitrile Gloves, Trauma Shears, Black Permanent Mini Marker, 2 Gauze Roll Bandages size 2 inch by 4 yards and 1 Elastic Wrap Bandage Hook and Loop Self Closure size 2 inch by 5 yards.

Optional tourniquets include The SWAT tourniquet and the NAR CAT tourniquet if desired, personal choice. This kit is light and compact and is a carry along on my range trips. The kit easily fits into a range bag or on can be worn on your belt if so desired.

A must have kit for your car or home. Sure, you can put a kit together buying everything separately, but you will spend way more than the price of this kit buying the quality items included. Oh, sure you can spend less on a kit with inferior products, but the question is why!! Your life, the life of a loved one or stranger for that matter is worth far more than money.

This kit can be used to treat a simple cut to a gunshot wound. Like I mentioned above proper training is a necessity. All said and done this kit has all the items for most medical situations. Please check out their website for more great products and accessories.

by John P. DeBeasso Jr.

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