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Watch: Dry Fire Practice with Tacticool Girlfriend

  /  Watch: Dry Fire Practice with Tacticool Girlfriend

Dry fire practice is one of the most fundamental tools a shooter has to rely on to keep their skills sharp. We should always lean on this very convenient, economical method of practice – arguably spending more time on it than the at the range, as the majority of your shooting foundations can be practiced with it at your leisure. In times of ammunition scarcity and inaccessibility, it becomes even more invaluable when trips to the range spread further apart.


2:43​ – Trigger study

3:30​ – Sight study

4:24​ – Coin balance drill

5:01​ – Acquiring grip

5:35​ – Presentation/extension

6:06​ – Prepping the trigger

7:04​ – Pulling the trigger

7:45​ – Resetting the trigger

8:37​ – All together now!

9:00​ – Draw from holster

9:44​ – Reloads

10:31​ – Target transitions

Tacticool Grilfriend is a new voice who has rapidly become my new favorite YouTube Channel. She is a non-traditional gun and preparedness guru who is bringing the joys of freedom to Americans of all flavors with the knowledge they need to be responsible citizens.

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